Processed Frozen Chicken Feet


  • Quality – Grade A
  • Origin – UK & Brazil
  • Average Weight – 4550 grams / piece
  • Average Length – 15cm
  • Shelf Life – 24 months

Appearance Requirement

  • Clean
  • No Yellow Skin
  • No Feathers
  • No Bad Smell
  • No Blood
  • No Black Pad or ammonia burns
  • No Bruise
  • No Chemical Burns
  • Broken Bones Less than 2%
  • Moisture Less than 1%
  • Chicken feet & paws pad retained and without damage


Ours is a quality-driven organization that is engaged in offering only high-quality products. Thus, we use superior grade raw materials for the fabrication of our entire range. Each consignment of ours is packaged carefully utilizing premium packaging supplies and technologies in order to maintain the products’ environment and quality during shipping and handling.

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